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Friday, 9:52 a.m.

From: Gabrielle Fontaine, PB
Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor

RE: How New QuickBooks
Users Can Get Up To Speed Quickly With Just A Single 90-Minute Training Session!

Dear New QuickBooks User,

If you want to grow your business and maximize your cash flow... then you need accurate financial records to answer vital questions about the financial health of your company and give you the information you need to make strategic decisions to maximize your success potential. Questions like...

  • What is your most profitable product or service?

  • Do you know how much your clients owe you and when?

  • Where is your money going, and how much debt are you carrying?

  • How much profit did you make or lose last month? Last year?

  • What is your company really worth?

  • Are your financial records accurate and complete?

QuickBooks financial software is an extremely powerful, user-friendly program designed to help you answer these important questions, run your business effectively, manage sales and expenses, and give you an overall picture of your company's financial health.

But QuickBooks Strength Is Also Its Weakness!

QuickBooks is THE most popular bookkeeping program for small businesses today, and for good reason. But what makes it so powerful is often exactly what makes it so overwhelming to new users. To reap the incredible benefits this program has to offer, there are very specific functions that need to be done just right, some of which are unique to QuickBooks software itself, so they can cause even seasoned bookkeepers to trip over them.

The truth is, most busy entrepreneurs simply are too involved with money-making tasks to stop and spend long hours learning how to use QuickBooks properly - so they just end up  "winging it." But that can mean disaster and render your financial records useless!

"Winging It" With QuickBooks Is A BIG Mistake!

I've seen it happen too many times to new QuickBooks users. They try to save time and money by just "faking it" and hoping for the best. But in reality, they are putting a financial noose around the neck of their business.

Don't send your company to the gallows!

Take the case of one of my clients. After many months of making unintentional but serious mistakes while attempting to use QuickBooks without first learning the basics, she nearly crashed and burned her business, even though she was on the cutting edge in her industry. The problem?  She wasn't keeping track of her sales correctly, and she didn't know how to record the payments she was making to her suppliers. She had no idea if she was even turning a profit! She was in a major cash flow crunch, but she thought her business was booming. "How could that be?" she wondered.

Eventually, her financial records were in such a mess that she couldn't file her tax returns or get the additional funding she so desperately needed to keep up with her customers' demands. She needed to grow her business, but she was handcuffed by her faulty financial records. Without accurate reports or tax returns, no one would even consider giving her the funding she urgently needed. Her business all but came to a screeching halt.

She was flying blind because she didn't see the value in investing her time early on to learn the bare-bone essentials of how to use QuickBooks the right way. Yet her company's survival depended on it. I'll tell you this. In the end, she spent much, MUCH more of her time and money coming to me for help to clean up her books after the damage was already done than she ever would have if she had simply gotten the assistance she needed and learned the basics right from the start.

Don't Fly Blind, Fly Smart

Let's face it. Bookkeeping is one of those necessary, hate-to-do-it administrative tasks. But by quickly mastering the essential tasks in QuickBooks now, you can easily maintain your financial records and get the strategic information you need whenever you need it, with less effort for years to come. That in turn frees you to spend more time working on your business and not just in your business.

Take Control In Just 90 Minutes!

If you're new to QuickBooks financial software, then you need to get your hands on this convenient yet must-have training, especially designed for new QuickBooks users.

Here's how...

In this self-paced, online video training, I'll be showing you step-by-step the cut-to-the-chase essentials you need to know in QuickBooks. Right from the beginning, you'll avoid the hair-pulling problems new users commonly wrestle with that so often leave their financial records in a total shambles for months or even years. Learn what you need to know to keep accurate financials, and learn it fast!

Here's just a small sampling of what we'll cover on this VIDEO Web-based training...

  • QuickBooks Overview - Orientation, customization and shortcuts that will save you time

  • Making the Money - How to bill clients, receive payments, make deposits and monitor what you are owed

  • Paying the Bills - How to track and manage your bills, credit cards and vendors

  • Essential Monthly Tasks - How to reconcile your financial accounts, keep your data safe, and give your information to your accountant

  • Management by the Numbers -  How to use reports to analyze trends and maximize profits for the future

  • And much more.

What This Class Is NOT

This class will NOT teach you all the advanced features in QuickBooks. You must learn to walk before you can run. We are starting from the beginning here and assuming that you are either new to QuickBooks, or do not feel like you have a firm grip on the basics. If you've been successfully using advanced features in QuickBooks for some time, then this class is probably not for you.

This course is designed to be a new-user crash course for getting the essential daily tasks handled the right way, and for tracking the money flowing into and out of your business accurately. It will NOT teach you how to record unusual or complicated transactions. Consider this to be a virtual QuickBooks 101.

If you're new to QuickBooks financial software and want to learn the most important features as painlessly as possible, then you need to get access now to this time-saving information.

The Best Part Is, Your Investment in This Ground-breaking Online Video Training
Won't Waste Your Time or Drain Your Cash Flow!

Using state-of-the-art Web-based technology, you will be able to attend this online training from the convenience of your own computer in your own office on your own schedule. No more blowing a whole day traveling back and forth to a live, instructor-led class at some hotel, burning up gas and paying for parking. You'll have a front-row seat right in front of your own computer screen. Since you don't even have to leave your office, this is an extremely convenient and time-efficient way to learn. And because this information is recorded, you can pause, go back, and review any parts of the class you need, whenever you need it.

All you need is a high-speed Internet connection to get in on this special self-paced, online training .Gain instant access NOW and take advantage of the exciting new high-tech format.

Here's what you get with the "QuickBooks Basics: New User Essentials" training:

  • 24-7 Access to the Online Video Training - This training is available to you any time you want to "attend" as many times as you want. It is convenient because it's online video that you watch and listen to right from your computer's Web browser. No need to download the huge video files. You just click and go.

  • Training Handout - You get a downloadable PDF file that contains the complete class handout for taking notes as you go through the training. Having these notes handy when you are working on your own QuickBooks file is a real timesaver.

  • NEW BONUS - Time-Saving Tips, Tricks & Hints ($37 value) - You get this bonus PDF document that shows you the way to save time and boost your efficiency with QuickBooks. These are tricks that the Pros know about, but few QuickBooks users ever discover on their own. This special document is only available with  the self-study version of this course.

PLUS, you get this limited-time extra special bonus ($47 value)

  • 30-minute 1-on-1 Consultation Certificate - As convenient as self-paced, online training is, the downside is that without a live instructor available, how will you get your specific questions answered? That's where this special bonus comes in. Right now you can get an exclusive certificate that entitles you to a FREE 30-minute 1-on-1 telephone or live online meeting session with me, your QuickBooks trainer, so you can get all of your questions from the training answered.

    This very special bonus will be available only for a limited time! My consulting schedule is already very full. The fact is, I turn away most new clients who call because my schedule just can't handle it. But I sincerely want you to get the maximum value from this online training. So when you use this special Consultation Certificate, you'll get priority scheduling.

    But I'll be forced to pull it from the training package soon.

Get it while you still can! 

"I felt like 'doing my books' was an integral and valuable part of running my business."

"The two most helpful aspects of the class for me? Gabrielle kept connecting the QuickBooks functions of entering sales data, paying the bills and generating reports to our business so that by the end of the class, I felt like 'doing my books' was an integral and valuable part of running my business. Equally important was if I followed the prescribed flow of the procedures in QuickBooks, the double-entry bookkeeping would take care of itself, making both me and my accountant happy!"

Sharon Zoschke

How Valuable Is On-Demand QuickBooks Training to Your Business?

Because I know just how important this training is for your business success, and that it's a whole lot easier to keep accurate books right from the beginning than to try and clean up a big mess later, I'm going to give you an incentive to take control of your financial records sooner rather than later by making this easy on your cash flow too.

Even though I could easily charge $97 for this power-packed class, I've decided to make it available at a drop-dead affordable rate, so even start-up business owners won't hesitate to make this all-important investment in the success of their company.

Your special tuition is just $47.

Because you are making the investment now, you will get lifetime access to these training materials, including future updates and additional materials, absolutely FREE.

Bottom Line: In this fast-paced, 90-minute online class, you'll discover exactly what you need to know to accurately and confidently keep track of your financial transactions while avoiding common QuickBooks coding errors (because you'll finally understand why you're doing what you're doing), and be able to instantly take control of your financial future. And you'll get it  all for the rock-bottom tuition of only $47!

You won't find this kind of power training anywhere else!

Gain Instant Access Now!

YES, Gabrielle! I Want Immediate Access To The Self-Paced Online Training Course
"QuickBooks Basics: New User Essentials"

I know this course includes:

  • Access to the 90-minute video replay of the webinar training to watch again and again, whenever I want for maximum retention and implementation of essential QuickBooks functions in my own business.

  • Downloadable training handout for taking notes and quick reference while I'm working on my own books.

  • Bonus downloadable insider Tips, Tricks & Hints for maximizing my time and efficiency with QuickBooks

  • Special Limited Time Bonus: 30-minute 1-on-1 Consultation Certificate that I can use to get my questions answered live and lock in the power of QuickBooks for managing my business finances.

  • Access to additional training updates and reference materials for this webinar course as they become available.

I get all of this for the special tuition of only $47

Secure Payment Made Through PayPal

Here's to your business success with QuickBooks financial software!

Gabrielle Fontaine, PB

P.S.  Decide now to take control of your business finances and gain access to this cutting-edge training. Even if you have a jam-packed schedule you can still "attend" this fast-paced training when it's convenient for you. But you must make your choice now if you want the special tuition for this new online class.   Get In on the Training Now!

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